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Vikram Shahani
Martin Holden
Marquis Perez
Chief Recruitment Officer
Shingo Ponce
Principal Consultant
Yuri Omae
Senior Consultant
Aniketh Nair
Senior Consultant
Andrew Schmidt
Nevil Watson
Rinta Takahashi
Misaki Nemoto
TC Lead
Vincent Chiang
Talent Coordinator
Landon Wickham
Talent Coordinator
Catalina Saravia
Talent Coordinator

Service Overview

Japan still remains a very important market for the financial industry. Large, complex, unique and very well regulated, it welcomes the best innovation and products/ risk management strategies which is a nod to the fact that some of the worlds biggest and most sophisticated investors are in Japan.   Our clients are the worlds best known securities firms and asset managers. Mainly international firms with a presence in the Japan market. Our clients tend to be both full service firms to boutique firms in Japan playing a critical role of connecting and localizing global financial markets and innovation to domestic clients.

We work alongside you for guaranteed results.

At Shahani we have been partnering with our clients to bring them the best and most relevant personnel for their critical hiring needs in Japan since 2005. Our candidates are almost exclusively passive candidates currently in the Japan market or returnee Japanese. These candidates are hard to find and get a response from. At Shahani with over 15 years of relationships in the market we are able to reach and deliver the right candidate to our clients.

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