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Ammit Singh
Masaya Hata
Senior Consultant
Kelly Moodie
Senior Consultant
Juhan Kim
Haruka Nakamoto
Senior Talent Coordinator
Akane Misono
Talent Coordinator
Keitaro Nakamura
Talent Coordinator

Service Overview

The Consulting industry is a fast-growing market with high demand due to digital transformations happening across all industries. More than ever, working in the consulting industry as a consultant and solving business-critical issues for clients is becoming a go-to career choice among top minds. Our Consulting team creates and nurtures strategic partnerships with key clients in the consulting industry in Japan - from Big Four consultancies, global strategy firms, to theme-driven boutique firms across the Japan market.

We work alongside you for guaranteed results.

We provide clients with talent-market intelligence and proactively introduce top talent that will have a decisive impact on achieving their business objectives.

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