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Japan is still by far the second largest market in the world for the pharmaceutical industry (the US is the largest). It has its own unique culture, grammar and challenges and is very critical to our clients who tend to be global, big pharma and boutique start ups. Since 2014 we have been finding talent to help our clients navigate and win in this unique market. Our unique recruitment philosophy and methodology of research and headhunting constantly allows us to bring gems of talent to the delight of our clients. As in all our areas, our track record of tough searches completed successfully speaks for itself.

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The talented team at Shahani covers positions in Medical Affaris, R&D and Marketing with a special focus on HEOR, pricing and market access. Our in house team is supported by senior, recently retired high caliber personnel from industry and regulators who train and guide us to remain at the cutting edge of technical relevance in this fast evolving and changing industry.  



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